Blog Assignment #5 – Talking with the Groundswell

Advertisments and public relations are the two most common and expensive methods firms use to try to talk with their customers. However, advertising and public relations don’t create conversation amongst consumers, it is known as shouting, not talking. According to Li and Bernoff there are four effective techniques for talking with the groundswell. The four most effective techniques include:

1.     Post a viral video

This involves putting a video online and allowing people to share it. The textbook describes how Blendtec did this with a video of extreme blending in order to advertise their blenders.

At Telus World of Science we are celebrating our facilities 30 year anniversary on July 1st 2014. In celebration of our anniversary, our facility will be bringing back pricing from 1984 for the special day. The staff put together the 80’s dance video to create excitement for our big day. I have shared the video below. I think it’s quite hilarious and I’ve also shared the video on my Facebook page.

Source: TWosEtv. Retrieved from:

2.     Engage in social networks and user-generated content sites

The second technique involves creating a personality for your firm in social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. According to Li and Bernoff engaging in social networking websites is a simple way to extend your brand reach; however getting the groundswell to converse is a more difficult objective.

Telus World of Science is involved on several social media websites, represented as the whole company and certain departments within the organization. I just learned that out Science in Motion (SIM) team has their own Twitter account where they post updates of where they are traveling to teach. They are always traveling to do science demonstrations at schools outside of Edmonton that don’t have the opportunity to come visit our facility. Check them out on Twitter!

When brands should use social networks

  • Use the Social Technographics Profile to verify that our customers are in social networks

According to Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technology, your firm must engage in social media marketing if your brand appeals to consumers ages 13 to 35, because they are already active on social media websites. Based on the Social Technographics Profile I completed for Telus World of Science, I determined that my target market is widely active online and a majority of them are joiners and spectators. Social media marketing has proven to be a successful means of marketing and reaching out to the customers at my work.

  • Move forward if people love your brand

Popular businesses that people love will have no problem gaining “followers” or “friends” online. Department store companies that are not exclusive to any one brand may have a more difficult time gaining acceptance on social media websites.

  • See what’s out there already

Popular brands may already have an online presence before the firm officially gets involved in social media, in some cases the company is unaware of these fake pages. These could be seen as an opportunity to work with the owner of the page if it is well established rather than having it shut down and starting from scratch.

  • Create a presence that encourages interaction

This is about figuring out how to get the groundswell to interact with your firm online. At Telus World of Science we displayed hashtags around our exhibits to get people involved with posting on our social media. The Harry Potter exhibition is a good example, it brought in a huge number of young adults and many were tweeting about it!

3.     Join the blogosphere

This strategy is successful through encouraging and empowering your executives and staff to write and respond to blogs. A fundamental part of this strategy involves listening and responding to other blogs.

4.     Create a community

Being in an online community is a powerful way to add value for your consumers, deliver a message, and talk and listen to the groundswell, rather than shouting at them.



Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell winning in a world transformed by social technologies. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

TWosEtv. (2014). Retrieved from:


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