Blog Assignment #3.1 – How Connecting with the Groundswell Transforms your Company

According to chapter 11 in Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, one of the major benefits a company receives when engaged with the groundswell is a mental shift; companies become more engaged with their customers by responding to their specific needs and wants. There are three essential elements involved with making this transformation:

  1. Important to take step by step
  2. Each of these stepping-stones leads in a natural progression to the next step
  3. You have to have executive support


Source: OK Dani (2014). Retreived from:

There are five ways a company can prepare for this transformation:

  1. Start small: Change takes time. Pick your battles strategically because you only have so much political power to use at a time
  2. Educate your executives: Launch an internal blog, social network and collaboration within a department to get them to demonstrate specific benefits
  3. Get the right people to run your strategy: Pick a person that has a passion for starting relationships with your customers, not the person who has the most time
  4. Get your agency and technology partners in sync: Get them to understand the groundswell
  5. Plan for the next step and for the long term: You want to know where this is going to take your company



Charlene Li, J. B. (2011). Groundswell. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

OK Dani (2014). Retreived from:


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