Blog Assignment #2 – The Social Technographic Profile

I find the Social Technological profile interesting because it can be used by companies to determine if their target market is online; which will in turn help them determine if marketing online is worthwhile or if they should seek another means of marketing. The Social Technological profile categorizes consumers into seven levels of participation online; including creators, conversationalists, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators and inactives. The following image describes each category and the characteristics that correspond with each.  


Source: Bernoff, J. (2008). Retrieved from

I don’t have any past experience with the Groundswell Social Technographic profile. I’ve never been responsible for a company’s online activity. However one day, I know I will be responsible for an organizations online presence so this information is of value to me. Based on the Social Technographic profile I fall under all of the categories; this also varies based on what website I am visiting. I am a creator because I now post to my blog on a regular basis, I also post videos on Instagram that I create myself. I am a conversationalist because I post status updates on Facebook and I am also a new member to Twitter. I am a critic because I do post reviews online about products and experiences I’ve enjoyed and also ones that have left me dissatisfied. I am recently a collector because I have figured out how to add useful RSS feeds to my blog. I am a joiner because I have maintained a profile on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and now WordPress too! I am a spectator, mostly on YouTube, where I am subscribed to and watch a variety of channels. I’m also inactive on many of the websites I visit.

As an HR professional the Social Technographic will be helpful in determining where to post job advertisements. Depending on what kind of candidate I’m looking for. For an experienced candidate I would increase the age. It’s also helpful because it is specified to each country, although it would be more useful if it specified to a particular city or province. 

Companies looking to market their brands or products online should first research their target markets Social Technographic profile to determine what category they fall under. Once the company understands their target markets Social Technographic profile, they can then decide on and execute the best fit marketing strategy based on the profile.

At the Telus World of Science, we have a large number of target markets, which can vary based on what we are exhibiting. The science center is always a great place for moms to bring their children. For this assignment I’ve decided to focus on moms with young children as the target market.


 Source: Empowered. (2010). Retreived from

Using the Social Technographic profile tool on the Forrester website, I am able to determine what category Canadian females aged 25-34 fall under. Based on the information above, a majority of my target market consists of joiners and spectators. For Telus World of Science, this means that having a website, posting on social media websites, and having an overall online presence will be beneficial to the organization, as their target market has an evident online presence.


Bernoff, J. (2008). Retrieved from

Charlene Li, J. B. (2011). Groundswell. Boston: Harvard Business Review Press.

Empowered. (2010). Retrieved from




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