Blog Assignment #1

It took me a while to figure out how the WordPress website works. I’ve never created a blog before so this is a totally new experience to me. I am also a new member of Twitter, I created an account so I could link it to my blog. Surprisingly, I had no idea what an RSS feed was until I had to add it to my blog page. The instructions for adding RSS feed to my blog worried me, but it didn’t work out to be too much of a challenge. Although I’ve noticed RSS feed on webpages I didn’t know the technical term for it. I found it exciting that I could add a personalized live feed to my blog, I definitely learned something new.

I was interested by the idea of self-disclosure in the article “Users of the world unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media” by Andres Kaplan and Michael Haenlein. The article describes that in any kind of social interaction, people want to have control over the impressions people create of them. Basically people want others to like their self-presentation. Self-disclosure is the exposure of personal information, whether it is conscious or unconscious.  I personally feel that through Social Media websites it’s easy to maintain a positive self-presentation by reflecting on the social impact of a post prior to self-disclosing it on a Social Media website. Although not everyone has this mindset because some people get extremely personal on Facebook and I will be honest that how people present themselves on Social Media does affect what I think of them to some degree.

In my opinion, self-disclosure and self-presentation go hand in hand when using Social Media websites such as Facebook and Linkedin. What you choose to post about yourself, comment on, or like on these websites is what you are self-disclosing. What you choose to self-disclose on Social Media websites will in turn affect your self-presentation. Self-presentation can be impacted positively or negatively and depending on the critic, the information can be perceived differently. The way you choose to present yourself on social media will affect others opinion about you.

As a business student I know how important it is to maintain a positive image on the internet whether I’m using Linkedin or Facebook. I know that with the vast presence of Social Media in today’s workplace, the image I portray in my personal life can affect my professional life.  I understand that not only the information I self-disclose but also the information others disclose about me on Social Media websites can affect my professional image. I am selective when making posts on Social Media websites because I want to maintain a professional self-presentation.



Andreas Kaplan, M. H. (n.d.). Users of the world, untie! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. Retrieved from Business Horizons:


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